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Childcare Rates

Seal Harbor Daycare

Daycare Rates

Circle Time
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View Daycare Rates Below!

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Seal Harbor Daycare

Daycare Rates

Daily & Weekly Rates Are Listed Below!

What are our childcare rates? Below you will see our daily and weekly rates. If you sign your child up for one to four days per week, then your child will pay the daily rate, if you sign your child up for five days per week, then your child will pay the weekly rate.

What if your child doesn't attend one day? The days you pick for your child, is the rate you will pay each week, even if your child is absent. If your child is sick or we are closed due to holidays, you are still required to pay the days that you have picked for your child to attend. We are holding this spot for your child.

Our daycare rates include daily art materials, organic food for breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack, field trips, lots of hugs and one-on-one attention plus our toddler curriculum program and/ or our preschool curriculum program is included in the rates below.

View our daily schedule. click here – to view our daily schedule.

Daycare Hours

We Are Open 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM

1 to 12 Months
12 – 36 Months
2.5 – 6 Years

Infant Curriculum for ages 6 to 9 months

$50.00 Per Day

$200.00 Per Week

Toddlers Coloring

$40.00 Per Day

$170.00 Per Week

preschoolers singing songs

$35.00 Per Day

$150.00 Per Week

Starting A Daycare ?

Daycare Rates!
How Much Should You Charge?

What Are The Ages You Will Be Watching?

First, you need to figure out what ages you will be watching.

  • Infants – ages 1 to 12 months
  • Toddlers – ages 12 to 30 months
  • Preschool – ages 2.5 Years to 6 Years
  • Before and after school

What Are Other People Charging?

Check Around!

Once you figure out which ages you want to care for you will need to figure out how many children you can watch.

Are you licensed or registered? You will need to check with your state licensor to see how many children you are allowed to watch, if you have your handbook from your state you can look into the handbook you received from the state when you got registered or licensed to see how many children you are allowed to watch. The amount of children you can care for usually depends on how many adults will be watching the children, the ages of the children, and how much room you have in your home or center (square footage).

Check you states requirements Not sure how many children you can watch, or can't find your handbook? Click here to go to your States Childcare Licensure Regulations and click on your state and find your states daycare information or call your licensor to find out exactly how many children and what ages you can watch.

Next, you will need to figure out how much to charge First, check the newspaper, check craigslist, and call the local childcare centers in your area to see how much they are charging for full time care versus part time care. Write down the prices and then check the newspapers and call anyone who is adverting and see how much they are charging and what they offer.

Infant Care is usually priced a lot higher. As infants usually require a lot more one-on-one care.

Part Time or Full Time Care? Are you going to watch children full time only, or will you accept part time care. Will you charge by the hour, by the day or by the week?

What will you be offering? Are you going to provide meals and snacks, will you be teaching their children their ABC's, will children be allowed to wach TV and if so, how much TV and which types of TV shows? Will you be offering the children daily art such as coloring, painting, gluing, etc.

Advertise your Childcare Openings. Once you figure out how much your going to charge, you need to write it down and put it next to the phone and now its time to start advertising your childcare openings.

Marketing Your Daycare Now its time to make an ad and place it into your local newspaper, place some flyers around town, place an ad on craigslist and you can also click here to advertise your childcare business for free.

Daycare  Poster – Download All The Daycare Forms $15.00

Daycare Flyer

Opening A Daycare ?

Have A Daycare But Need Help Advertising?

Need a daycare flyer? We have daycare flyers in our package of 150 daycare forms. You can print them out right after purchase and edit the flyers to fit the needs of your daycare or preschool and then display them around town. Yes, you can edit the daycare flyer!

www.adaycare.com – Daycare Forms

Click here to go to our daycare forms page. We have over 150 daycare forms that you can edit, including a parents handbook, contract, food menus and many more. Click here – to view our daycare forms. Right after purchase you will have instant access to the entire package of 150 daycare forms for only $15.00. Print out and start using today!

Daycare Openings? To attract new customers, you need to let people know you're out there! The best way to advertise is by word of mouth. Make sure all your friends know that you have started a daycare and have opening available. Make some business cards or purchase some already made with your daycare name, address, and contact name and telephone number on the card. Leave the cards with anyone that has children in your area that may need daycare now or in the future. Buy some magnetic tape and stick it onto the backs of your business cards so the parents can take the cards home and put them on the refrigerator so they can find the cards at a later date if they need to contact you for daycare.

Daycare Flyer A great way to advertise your daycare is by displaying a flyer in your neighborhood, just hang up at the laundry mat, doctors office, grocery stores, library , and at the mall. You can make your own flyers if your creative or artistic or you can purchase the flyers that we have for sale on our website click here to purchase our daycare forms, there is over 150 daycare forms which includes the three cute flyers we have available for immediate download right after purchase. The daycare forms are very simple to use, just print out and write your phone number on the bottom of the flyer. There are three different flyers on our download page to print out and use. If you have Microsoft Word, Microsoft Works or WordPerfect, you can just click the words on the flyer's to edit them, we have over 150 daycare forms in our daycare forms package for only $15.00 which only comes out to about only 10 cents per daycare form!

Another Way To Advertise Is By Classified Ads "New Daycare Has Limited Openings!! That could be your ad running in tomorrow’s paper. You will get samples of ads that I have I have placed in the newspaper and had all our spots filled within a few days!! Some ads don't catch the parent’s eyes if there are other daycare ads running at the same time. You want your ad to STAND OUT! Grab their attention and get them to call you first! Make sure you sound confident and professional when you receive phone calls from potential customers. Keep your rate sheet taped by the telephone or on a clip board. You can print out and use our daycare rate sheet as a guide in setting your own rates. You will need to edit the prices to fit the needs of your daycare. Just print it out and have it handy for when the parents start calling you.

Craigslist is another way to advertise your daycare. It is a great way for people to find you if they need daycare, a lot of people check out craigslist daily for daycare, rent, yard sales, or other items and craigslist is free! You can advertise on there and it wont cost you a penny. It is also a good way to find second hand toys, cribs, child sized tables, book shelves to store toys on or anything else you may need to start your daycare.

Daycare Listings Online Some people search online for daycare list your daycare openings on several websites that offer daycare listing. We have a website that you can list your daycare openings click here to advertise your daycare online and most importantly it is for free, another great way to advertise and it doesn't cost you anything to try it out!

Free Daycare Listings

Free Daycare Ads & Cute Daycare Ad Displays for  25.00 one time charge!
Have Daycare Openings?

Click Here

To List Your Daycare!

Can I Find Customers ? Need more help advertising! Click here to view our daycare kit for more information on starting your own daycare.

Daycare Business Forms

instant download $15.00 or CD 25.00></a><br>
<B><font color=

Daycare Business Forms
Start Using Now – Instant Access!
Entire Set Of 150 Forms Only $15.00
Yes, you can edit the forms!

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Food Menus
Parent's Handbook
And Many Other Forms – Click Here To view!

Receive password right after purchase!!

Weekly Menu Form – Daycare Form

ChildCare Food Menu

Free Samples

Click here – Ms Word file 2002 file

Click here – Word Perfect 10 file

Click here – Works 6.0 file

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