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Daycare Forms

Entire Set – 150 Forms – $15.00


Daycare Contract

Daycare Contract You will want the parents to sign a contract. We have a contract you can use or edit to fit the needs of your daycare. Our contract has an area for the parents to "check mark" on the contract that they have received and read your daycare handbook and that they will abide by all the rules and regulations in your daycare handbook.

The contract covers a lot of important issues such as how much each parent will pay each week regardless of attendance, it points out they will pay for holidays when you are not open, plus it explains that you will need a "two week" deposit for their child and that you need to receive this amount before their child starts, or for parents who can't afford to pay the two weeks up front, you can put down in the contract how much "extra" the parent will pay each week until you receive the two weeks deposit. Try and figure out with the parents what they can afford to pay each week towards the deposit, usually an extra $10.00 – $25.00 each week until you have the deposit paid.It is so important to get your two weeks deposit. This way if they decide to switch daycares you will know you will receive your two weeks notice, or you will be "paid" if they don't give you a notice, which will give you time to advertise and fill their child's spot. Our parent's handbook and contract concentrate on many important issues. It's a good idea to have a well written handbook and contract. This will help to disperse of conflicts later down the road.

Can You Edit The Contract? Yes, you can change the contract and all the other daycare forms as long as you have Microsoft Works, Microsoft Word or WordPefect. You can edit the parent's contract to add the name of your "daycare" to change the hours of your operation, the prices that you charge, or any other pertinent information that you would like to add or change.

Customizable Daycare Forms You should have a parent's handbook & contract which will point out all your policies and procedures. You should have a daycare contract and any other daycare policy's that you will use, available for each parent before you begin watching their children in your home. Once you purchase our daycare forms you will find a contract, a parent's handbook, permission slips for taking the children on field trips, in your car for errands, medical emergency forms, plus many other daycare forms, there are over 150 daycare forms, receive all of them for a one time charge of $15.00 and you receive a password right after your purchase for instant access!

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View some of the daycare forms included in the daycare kit
Download Your Purchase Here View a complete list of all the daycare forms included in the daycare kit Order Daycare Kit Here, includes all 150 daycare forms plus start your own daycare ebook! More Info on Starting A Daycare

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150+ Daycare Forms
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Click Here To Buy Entire Set Of Daycare Forms 150+ Daycare Forms CD

150+ Daycare Forms
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150+ Daycare Forms CD

150+ Daycare Forms
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– Includes -

  • 150 Forms Includes Parents Handbook, Contract, Brochure, Menus, etc.
  • Forms Are Customizable
  • Paper Sized Posters – Art Area, Block Area, etc.
  • Instant Access – Download Right After Purchase!
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  • Forms Can Be Used In Daycare, Child Care Or A Preschool!

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Download Today ! NEW – Order with a credit card and right after payment is made, you can start downloading the daycare forms. We have added over 50 New Daycare Forms – We now have over 150 forms ! Download instantly after payment is made with your credit card.

How Will I Receive My Order? You will end up on the download page, after you purchase your order. You will also receive an e-mail with the link and password. When you want to return to the download page, just check your e-mail for the link and password. If you do not receive an e-mail from us after you placed your online order, email us or at or call us toll free (800) 591-4135 or call 1-800-591-4135 (we are open 10 – 5 East Coast Time).

What Will I Receive? You will instantly receive the download link and password to download your daycare forms. On the download page you will also find instructions for making your own daily attendance booklet, putting together the parents handbook and information on setting up files for each of your daycare children.

View The Download Page. We have over 150 daycare forms to download! Click Here To view all the daycare forms that are for download. You will not be able to download the files until payment has been made.

Download 150+ Daycare Forms ! Right after payment is made with a creditcard. You will end up on the download page, plus you will receive and e-mail with the link and password. When you want to return to the download page, just check your e-mail. Click on the link in your e-mail and enter your password.

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Over 150 Daycare Forms

  Instant Access – You will receive – For only $15.00 – instant access to over 150 daycare forms! The daycare forms include all the forms on this page; such as parent’s handbook, contract, food menu's, party signs, plus many others. You can download instantly and start using the forms right now!

Customizable Forms

  Yes, you can edit the forms ! - Do you have Microsoft Word or Office, Microsoft Works or Word perfect? If you do not have the word programs listed, you can still access the forms, by downloading the PDF files to be used with the free adobe reader.

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