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Holiday Book

Who Gave The Elf A Candy Cane? eBook

Uh-Oh Who Gave The Elf A Candy Cane?
Cute Christmas Book

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Cute Christmas Book

Who Gave The Elf A Candy Cane? eBook

Who Gave The Elf A Candy Cane?
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Uh-Oh Who Gave The Elf A Candy Cane?

A cute elf story made especially for toddlers, preschoolers and young children. This ebook has a little elf that is going to lick his candy cane and get all sticky! Then he's going to need to wash up and this is when the fun begins. Watch out for all those colorful bubbles!

Plus at the end of the ebook, there is a fun activity to help children to learn their colors, the children can take turns trying to pop the different colored bubbles just like the elves did in the story! Have the elves teach your child his colors!

If you have a home daycare, daycare center, or a stay at home mom teaching your child this will be a great addition to your book area for the young children in your care learning their colors and also goes along with a Christmas themed lesson plan. This book is a cute story and a great way to have your child learn or review his colors.

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Fish Rhyme Book

Fish Rhyme Book

Six Little Fish – More Info.

Six Little Fish – Free Sample

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Watch our six little fish video

Some Of Our Books Are Read On Youtube!

Print out our children's books onto copy paper and staple or tie the pages together to make a cute little book.

We are making new books every month. Most of the books go along with our lesson plans and are theme related such as forest animals, transporation, dinosaurs and others and more books will be coming soon so you will have a nice selection of books for your book list each month. Save time buy buying printable books, you won't have to go to the book store or order online and wait for the book to arrive.

Our books are made for younger readers (infants, toddlers, preschool and kindergarden).

Soon we will be making printable pages to go along with books such as puppets, worksheets, coloring pages and printable games, plus we are going to be making more videos to be read on youtube so your child or the children in your daycare can look at the book and listen to the video.

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Freddy farmer feeds the animals
Freddy Farmer
Feeds The Animals – Coloring Book Story

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