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Toddler Activities

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Seal Harbor Daycare

Daily Activities

Daycare Pictures !!


Children Lacing

Children Lacing

We try to provide the children in our care with a lot of fun daily activities. In this picture the children are lacing. Lacing is a great hand and eye coordination activity for the children.

This is a great group activity, both the toddlers and the preschoolers can participate in this activity. Younger toddlers will need your help in holding the blunt end needle for them while they place the lacing objects onto it.


Sand Table

Sand Table

Our sand table gets a "lot of use". Both the toddlers and preschoolers love using the sand table.

We place plastic bowls, plastic pans with covers, plastic cups, plastic spoons and other items that the can fill with sand into the sand table for the children to use. Where we have young toddlers using the sand table, we have filled the sand table with oatmeal. The older children enjoy sweeping up the oatmeal that spills onto the floor with small child sized brooms.


Peg Boards

Peg Boards

The children are using foam peg boards with plastic pegs that push into holes in the foam. If you have younger toddlers in your group, that are not quite ready for puzzles yet, these are a great idea. when the older children are putting together puzzles the younger toddlers can use the peg boards. Just make sure to monitor them at all times, when using peg boards with small pieces.


 Table Toys

Table Toys

Maninulatives or "table toys" are a great daily activity for toddlers. We have wooden dowels that wooden rings, the wooden rings have a hold in the middle, these wooden rings slide over the dowel. We also have some simple wooden puzzles and a few different types of peg boards for the children to use for table toys.



Singing Songs

Each day during circle time we sing songs with the children that go along with that weeks theme.

We also sing a lot of fun songs each week, and we try to make sure the songs are interactive with the children, some of the songs we sing are; London bridge, If your happy and you know it clap your hands, Ring around the rosey, Itsy bitsy spider, Wheels on the bus, Your a little tea cup, and a lot of others.


Circle Time

Story Time

We read a lot of fun books each day to the children Such as; Five monkeys jumping on the bed and then we may encourage the children to act out the story.

We may put a blanket on the floor to be the bed and then have the children jump up and down and have one child pretend to bump his head and then have that child leave the "bed" . We will pick two other children too, one to be the mother and one to be the doctor.

During circle time we read a few books. At least one of the books we read is centered around our weekly theme.

We also provide the children with felt board stories. We will play the characters that we are reading about on the felt board, and after the story the children can come up to the felt board and and play with the pieces and to this gives them an opportunity to act out the story on the flannel board, Other ways that we read storeis to the children is by using puppets and other fun props as we read or act out the stories. Some of the kids favorite flannel board stories are the three pigs, billy goat gruff, and the three bears.


More Table Toys

More Table Toys

Table toys make a "great group activity" for all the children to be able to use. The older children are using our foam puzzles, and the other child sitting is using a wooden type of peg board, which wooden rings slide onto each peg and is sorted by color, and the children standing is using our magnetic board.

we have quite a selection table toys for the children to use such as; puzzles, latch boards, fruits and vegetables the children can cut that are held together by Velcro, magnetic letters, lacing toys, sewing cards and other manipulative toys also called *table toys* which they can use throughout the day.


Toddlers Coloring


The children in my daycare love to color with crayons, markers or chalk. Coloring is another great idea for a group activity. All the children can participate together and have fun creating a work of art to take home.


Circle Time

Circle Time Calendar


We start our morning program with circle time. During circle time we discuss with the children the weather outside, what day it is, and go over that day's theme. We start with the weather chart and then move onto the calendar. After the children place the date on the calendar, we sing the 7 days of the week song and then we start our morning circle time activity.

You can visit my preschool themes and click on "sample" to view our morning circle time activities.

Or you can visit my toddler themes and click on "sample" to view our morning circle time activities.


Preschool Curriulum

Art Time

Art Time

Each morning the children are provided with a craft activity associated with that mornings lesson.

My monthly curriculum is available in two seperate programs, one is for toddlers the other is for preschoolers, it is broken down into four weekly themes per month.

My preschool curriculum has a circle time, art project, learning activities, work sheets, coloring pages, songs and games included in each month of themes purchased. My preschool curriculum is designed to promote school readiness skills; help develop good manners, strength of character and social skills; and to foster creative play.


Learning Time



My preschool program will teach the children to identify and comprehend numbers 1 through 20 PLUS help them learn their alphabet, shapes and colors. They will learn math skills including recognizing basic shapes, counting, sorting, sequencing, and sorting through lots of hands on activities, art projects, games, songs, stories and work sheets. Your children will learn through my educational program which provides a fun and creative curriculum which is based on a child-centered preschool program.

We also have a toddler program for the children sixteen months to two and half years of age.


Toddler Curriulum

Table Toys

Special Activity

My toddler curriculum has a circle time, art project, learning activities, coloring pages, songs and games included in each month of themes purchased.

My toddler curriculum is designed to promote fun and learning activities; opportunities for discovery and to foster creative play.


For more information about my daycare Click Here – To go to my all about me and my daycare page

Want to view my monthly themes? View which weekly themes are included in each monthly program. My curriculum is listed below. My program is sold by the month.

Monthly Themes


New Year's
Teddy Bears

Dental Health
Five Senses

Forest Animals
St. Patrick's Day
Pet Week
Zoo Animals

Bunny, Chick & Lamb
Community Workers

Mother's Day

Storybook Week
Father's Day

Fourth of July

Nursery Rhymes
Picnics & Barbecues

Me & My Friends
All About Me


Farm Animals
Fruits & Vegetables
Native Americans


View my preschool curriculum. Each month is broken down into four weekly themes. The themes are listed under each months heading. Click on the month on the chart above to view the curriculum.

Want to view my toddler curriculum? Click here to view my toddler themes. My toddler program will help build a child's language skills. They will learn these skills through circle time, songs, stories, fun games and daily activities which will require their interaction with their friends, learning to take turns, sharing, laughter, participation and above all having a good time. Children learn best when they are happy and interested in what is being taught, teaching children with fun and creative activities will help stimulate their brains and help them to learn quicker when they get into school. These skills that they will be learning will help them when they begin learning to read and write.

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