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Toddler & Preschool Activities

Seal Harbor Daycare

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Circle Time
Caterpillar craft Project

Seal Harbor Daycare – free play – children playing

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Seal Harbor Daycare

Toddler & Preschool Activities

Fun Hands On Learning Activities

Table toy for toddlers – Stacking Rings
Table toy for toddlers – Stack the rings
Table toy for toddlers – Different sized circles
Table toy for toddlers & preschoolers – chop the fruits and veggies
Foam puzzles and peg boards

Our day begins with the children arriving. We have set aside a few specials toys that we bring out in the morning when the children are arriving, we may use these items again at the end of the day when they children are leaving. This will help to keep the children occupied, so they are not acting up or running wildly through the daycare while your busy trying to talk to the parent's and other children who are arriving in the morning or when the children are leaving at the end of the day. We have found that if we only set these items out for a short time each, the children will enjoy them longer and not lose interest in them so quickly. It helps to maintain order if the children are busy and happy. If you are by yourself in the morning when the children are first arriving it helps a lot to put out toys that you know that they like and then put them away as soon as they loose interent in the toy or activity.

Toddler playing with manipulatives – wooden peg board

Toddler – Fine Motor Activity

Some of our special toys are table toys or sometimes referred to as manipulatives. These toys work best when the children use them when they are sitting down at the table. We have peg boards for the toddlers to use which come with giant sized pegs, we also have round wooden circles, with a hole in their centers, that fit down over a wooden dowel. We also have other types of manipulatives for the preschool children, they would have smaller pegs and more challenging peg boards or other types of manipulatives such as, latch boards, zippers, lacing, chopping toys and puzzles. We have a lot of manipulative toys for both age groups, along with a large variety of puzzles, one of the cute puzzles we have comes with a fishing pole and the children catch the fish or ocean animals from the puzzle and then put them back into the puzzle and then go fishing again (with the puzzle). Foam puzzles with pegs are great fun for the children and it also teaches them hand and eye coordination.

Preschool Activities – Fine Motor – Children Lacing Beads

Preschool – Fine Motor Activity

Fine Motor Preschool Activities Want to add fine motor activities to your daily schedule all of the activities just mentioned would make great fine motor activities for the children to do first thing in the morning, just make a schedule and set out different types each morning, such as on Monday give them beads to lace, on Tuesday give them puzzles to put together and take apart, on Wednesday give them peg boards, on Thursday give them food chopping toys, these are usually either wooden or plastic fruits and vegetables which are held together by velcro, the children have a wooden toy knive to chop the foods in half (kids love these!) and on Friday give them play dough with rolling pins, cookie cutters and small pans to pretend to make cookies.

Preschool Activity – Creative Art: We also offer crayons, markers, colored pencils, stickers, scissors, tape, glue, paper and envelopes. This is a great way for the children to use their imaginations and make anything they want, they can color, or cut, make pretend mail, make play money, or anything else they can think of.

Fine Motor Activities – coloring with markers

Toddlers Coloring

Toddler Activity – Creative Art: For the toddlers in your group, you may want to start off by offering them each a piece paper and some markers or crayons and let them color their papers, when they start to get board with the coloring, it is a good time to offer them some stickers to put onto their papers, you may want to offer them an envelope to put their paper into and show them how to fold it and stick it into the envelope.

Art Materials – Free Play: We try to offer the children diffrent types of materials to color with such as on markers on Monday, chalk on Tuesday, paint in bottles on Wednesday, water paints on Thursday and bingo dabbers to dab onto paper on Friday. Try to keep their interest perked up by offering fun and different activities each morning. These are just a few of the morning choices we offer throughout the month, we also offer sensory tables with sand or water and play dough as a fun creative way for the children to express themselves.

Sensory activities – for toddlers, toddlers playing in sand table

Sensory and Tactile Experience – Sand Table

Sensory Activities such as water or sand play: Children just can't seem to get enough of water or sand play. Both toddlers and preschoolers love these two activities. THis is a great fun activity to offer the children first thing in the morning is water or sand play. We place rice or oatmeal in the sand table for pretend sand and then place different items in the sand table for them to use; such as small toy dishes such as toy pots, toy pans, sturdy toy plastic spoons, small bowls, measuring cups, small sturdy plastic cups, small clean washed out milk cartons, ketchup bottles with the tops removed, mustard bottles with the tops removed, small water bottles with the tops removed and anything else that the children would have fun using in the sand table that is of course toddler and preschool safe.

Breakfast Time: The children have free play, play with table toys, color, put together puzzles, play with peg boards until 8 AM. Then we get ready for breakfast, we have all the children line and wash up. Each day we pick a few children to help with breakfast, one child will help a teacher to wash off the tables, another child will pass out the cups, and another child will pass out napkins and after breakfast one child will help a teacher to sweep around the tables.

Free Play: After breakfast the children will have free play where they can play in different areas with the toys, or they can choose to do play dough, color or practice cutting with scissors and then at 9 AM we begin our circle time.

Daycare Program

Toddler & Preschool Activities

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Daily Schedule

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Circle Time Activities

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Weekly Food Menus

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Starting A Daycare ?

Daycare Rates!

Did You Know ?

That there is a big demand for daycare. Over 50% of children under five years of age, are cared for by someone, other than their parent.  

Thinking about starting your own daycare? Now is the time to start your own daycare! The demand for child care is on the rise. Many experts expect to find more mothers, will be outside their home working, due to inflation and to the high divorce rate. And I'm sure you will agree that one pay check just doesn't go as far as it used to.

How many children can you watch? You can usually start out watching two children plus your own until you get licensed. Once you become licensed you can generally watch between six and twelve children. The requirement for how many children you can watch often depends on how much space you have, the ages of the children and if you are watching the children by yourself or with a helper.

Getting Licensed? Getting a daycare license doesn't have to be a stressful procedure. If you are prepared and know what to expect you can get through the licensing procedure pretty easily if you stay on top of the requirements. It is worth getting your license as most parents feel more comfortable going with someone who is licensed than with someone who isn't licensed. Starting a daycare is a business and just like any other business your going to need to keep track of your income and expenses, you may also find that your going to need to have some daycare forms; such as a parents handbooks, contracts and permission slips plus you may want to add some other daycare forms such as brochures, flyers or posters, daily schedules and food menus. You can make these forms and flyers yourself, just make sure the contract is very clear, so both you and the parent know exactly what they are signing, it should list the rate that you and the parent discussed along with the days their child will attend. You should also have something in writing if they will be charged if their child doesn't attend due to illness or vacations.

Print out the parent's handbook first to make it easier for you we have all these forms already available for instant download, right after you put in your order, the password will be emailed to you, you will have the password instantly and can begin downloading the files to your computer and editing them "right now".

You should have a parent's handbook and have all your policy’s in the handbook and have the parents take the parent's handbook home to read and plus they can refer to it in the future if they have any questions and forgot to ask you about them, the parent's handbook will help to prevent misunderstandings "now and in the future". You can make the parent's handbook and contract yourself or we have both available in our daycare kit package we have over 150 daycare forms that you can use, you can also check out a few of our free ones that we have to view on our website Click here to go to our free samples page.

Daycare  Poster – Download All The Daycare Forms $15.00

Daycare Flyer

Opening A Daycare ?

Have A Daycare But Need Help Advertising?

Need a daycare flyer? We have daycare flyers in our package of 150 daycare forms. You can print them out right after purchase and edit the flyers to fit the needs of your daycare or preschool and then display them around town. Yes, you can edit the daycare flyer!

www.adaycare.com – Daycare Forms

Click here to go to our daycare forms page. We have over 150 daycare forms that you can edit, including a parents handbook, contract, food menus and many more. Click here – to view our daycare forms. Right after purchase you will have instant access to the entire package of 150 daycare forms for only $15.00. Print out and start using today!

Daycare Openings? To attract new customers, you need to let people know you're out there! The best way to advertise is by word of mouth. Make sure all your friends know that you have started a daycare and have opening available. Make some business cards or purchase some already made with your daycare name, address, and contact name and telephone number on the card. Leave the cards with anyone that has children in your area that may need daycare now or in the future. Buy some magnetic tape and stick it onto the backs of your business cards so the parents can take the cards home and put them on the refrigerator so they can find the cards at a later date if they need to contact you for daycare.

Daycare Flyer A great way to advertise your daycare is by displaying a flyer in your neighborhood, just hang up at the laundry mat, doctors office, grocery stores, library , and at the mall. You can make your own flyers if your creative or artistic or you can purchase the flyers that we have for sale on our website click here to purchase our daycare forms, there is over 150 daycare forms which includes the three cute flyers we have available for immediate download right after purchase. The daycare forms are very simple to use, just print out and write your phone number on the bottom of the flyer. There are three different flyers on our download page to print out and use. If you have Microsoft Word, Microsoft Works or WordPerfect, you can just click the words on the flyer's to edit them, we have over 150 daycare forms in our daycare forms package for only $15.00 which only comes out to about only 10 cents per daycare form!

Another Way To Advertise Is By Classified Ads "New Daycare Has Limited Openings!! That could be your ad running in tomorrow’s paper. You will get samples of ads that I have I have placed in the newspaper and had all our spots filled within a few days!! Some ads don't catch the parent’s eyes if there are other daycare ads running at the same time. You want your ad to STAND OUT! Grab their attention and get them to call you first! Make sure you sound confident and professional when you receive phone calls from potential customers. Keep your rate sheet taped by the telephone or on a clip board. You can print out and use our daycare rate sheet as a guide in setting your own rates. You will need to edit the prices to fit the needs of your daycare. Just print it out and have it handy for when the parents start calling you.

Craigslist is another way to advertise your daycare. It is a great way for people to find you if they need daycare, a lot of people check out craigslist daily for daycare, rent, yard sales, or other items and craigslist is free! You can advertise on there and it wont cost you a penny. It is also a good way to find second hand toys, cribs, child sized tables, book shelves to store toys on or anything else you may need to start your daycare.

Can I Find Customers ? Need more help advertising! Click here to view our daycare kit for more information on starting your own daycare.

Daycare Business Forms

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Daycare Business Forms
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Weekly Menu Form – Daycare Form

ChildCare Food Menu

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