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February Toddler Activities

Lesson Plans For Transportation Theme, Shape Theme, Dental Week Theme, & Story Book Theme

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February – Younger Toddler Curriculum

Ages 12 to 18 Months

Young Toddler Activity Lesson Plans
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February Younger Toddler Curriculum – $15.00

Week 1
Transportation Theme
Week 2
Shape Theme
Week 3
Dental Week Theme
Week 4
Story Book Theme

Four Weeks Of Lesson Plans!!
Toddler Activities & Heuristic Play Ideas

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Toddler Activities, Group Time, Sensory, Songs & Rhymes

Printable Activity Pages
Printable Activity Pages
Printable Activity Pages
Printable Activity Pages
Pat The Cat
Shape Week Activity
Star Print Out
Shape Week Activity
Tooth Brush Peg Board
Dental Theme Activity
Mailman – Print Out Story
Storybook Week Theme

Printable Pages & Activities

View Some of February's Younger Toddler Curriculum – Printable Pages & Activities

Some of our activities require you to print out files while some of our other activities will have you making the "hands on" learning activities from household items such as water bottles, egg cartons, kleenex boxes or purchase some items from walmart such as glue gun, fake fur, cardstock paper, contact paper, clear packing tape to make the fun learning games and activities for the different months that are purchased!

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Sort The Star Bottles
Into The Muffin Tin
Baby Duck
Coloring Page
Sensory Bag
Sort The Eggs
Into The Egg Carton

Our February Younger Toddler Curriculum Includes

Five Days Per Week
Language Development, Group Time, Art/Sensory Time, Play Time, Learning Time
Plus! The words to songs or rhymes for each days theme!

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February Younger Toddler Curriculum

February's Weekly Calendar

Younger Toddler – Weekly Schedule
Ages 12 – 18 Months
Transportation Theme – February Week 1

Daily Activities Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Today's Music: Folk Music Soft Music Classical Music Country Music Blues Music
Language Development: Red Car Did You Ever See A Boat Can You Hear The Train? My Little Airplane

Big Yellow Bus
Song/ Finger Rhyme:

Directions for all the activities will be found in the lesson plans.

The Wheels On The Car I Have A Little Boat Hear The Whistle This Is The Way The Plane Flies The Wheels On The Bus
Group Activity:

Fun with Cars Catch A Fish Hats Land the Airplane Fun With Yellow
Art/Sensory: Find the Cars Paint the Boat Train Track – Sensory Walk Color White

Color Yellow
Play Time: Wash the Cars Find the Boats Train Tunnel Airplane Peg Board

Egg Carton Peg Board
Learning Time:

Park the Cars Boats At Sea Nesting Cups and Blocks White Clouds Yellow Blocks

Song/Nursery Rhyme:

Four Little Cars Rhyme Sail, Baby, Sail Rhyme I'm A Train Swing Me Low, Swing Me High

I'm A Little Teapot

Print Out Activity Calendars

Receive Four Activity Calendars For Each Month Purchased
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One Day Sample

Young Toddlers R Learning
Fun Time Activity Curriculum
Ages 12 – 18 Months
Daily Lesson Plans – Transportation Theme
February Week 1

Teaching Picture: Bus

Print out the color red picture and laminate

Hold up for the children and say red

On the download page you will find the printable pages and print out today’s picture. Tape the picture to the wall in a location where the toddlers can see it.

As you show the picture to children, talk about the picture, tell the children about the picture. Talking to the toddlers is a good way for them to get started on using their own language skills. The more words a toddler hears the more he learns, even if he/she is not talking yet, they are listening and learning and all of a sudden they will be talking.

Refer to the language development section below for a few suggestions on things to talk about with toddlers about the picture, the language development will give you suggestion on things to talk about or it will show an activity, rhyme or story and then continue talking to the children about the picture, using your own words.

Keep in Mind: Any and all printed material is not safe for toddlers. So do not give any printouts to the children unless you are supervising them. These are for you to hold up or attach to the wall.
Look at your toddlers and in a soothing voice talk about the picture.

Today's Music: Blues Music

Play folk music for the children today.

Please Note: If you don't have any folk music you can check at your local library and try to borrow some folk music to play for the toddlers, if they do not have folk music, try to select some different types of music to play for the children, such as; blues, classical, country, soft rock, etc. Play the music softly throughout the day in the background and it would be nice to play it quietly during naptime also to help the children settle down to go to sleep and keep them sleeping with a soft back ground noise.

Language Development: Big Yellow Bus
Tune to: "Three Blind Mouse"

Big Yellow bus, Big Yellow bus,
See how they drive, See how they drive,

They all go to the school you know,
Dropping kids off and watching them go,

You will see them wherever you go,
Big yellow bus, Big yellow bus.

Directions: Print out the teaching picture – the bus picture and cover with clear contact paper or clear packaging tape and then hold then up as you sing the song. After you sing the song tape the airplanes to the wall so the children can view them throughout the day.

Print outs: Do not give the toddlers the print outs, unless they have been completely covered with clear packaging tape or clear contact paper to make them durable and if they start to wear, replace them. And any print outs that are "too small and pose a choking hazard" shouldn't be given to the toddlers.

Songs/Finger Rhymes: The Wheels On The Bus
Traditional Song

The wheels on the bus go round and round,
round and round, round and round,
The wheels on the bus go round and round,
all around the town.

Repeat with:
The people on the bus go up and down,
The babies on the bus go wahh, wahh, wahh,
The mommies on the bus go shh, shh, shh,

Please note: Sing the song above with the children and act out the movements in the song with the children.

Group Activity: Fun With Yellow

You will need:
Sturdy plastic cups
Yellow Blocks

Show the children the yellow blocks and point out that they are the same color as the yellow bus.

Provide the children with some sturdy plastic cups, such as yogurt or pudding cups, sturdy plastic fruit cups, study plastic tumbler cups, or the covers to liquid soap containers (thoroughly washed out) or the covers to spray paint cans (washed out) and some yellow mega blocks.

Show the toddlers how they can pour the blocks from one cup to another, how they can turn a larger plastic container upside down and place a smaller container on top, how they can learn how to put the smaller cup inside the larger cup, or stack the same size cups together.

Teacher should sit down with the children and "play too" this is how the toddlers learn, pour the blocks with the toddlers, and talk to them about what you're doing, such as "look at me I can pour one block into this cup, this is fun!" "Oh look at Jillian she has two yellow blocks in her cup, Jillian can you pour your blocks into the other cup? Show them how to stack the blocks, etc.

Safety Note: Make sure all the materials they are using are too large to chock on, always check with a choke tube, most items should be at least 1 inch wide by 2 inches long.

Art/Sensory Activity: Color Yellow

You will need:
Yellow Paint (See recipe below)
Card stock paper (One sheet per child)
Toddler Safe Paint Brushes
Paint cups

Give the children a large sheet of white card stock paper and have the children paint with the color "Yellow" same color as the yellow bus!

Toddlers 12 – 15 Months: Offer the toddlers some paint and a brush, don't expect them to "paint a picture" they will play in the paint, that is fine, this activity is more about them having a fun "sensory activity" then actually making a picture, at this age it is more about the "process" than the product.

Please Note: Toddlers need a lot of sensory activities at this age. They learn best by their senses "touching, tasting, seeing, hearing and smelling".

Toddlers 16 – 18 Months: Some toddlers at this age are getting ready to actually "paint on the paper" but they need to learn from "you" the teacher, by painting with them, they learn by watching and coping, so please paint with them so they can see what they are supposed to be doing, if they are having more fun just finger painting and playing in the paint, then please just let them have a great time experimenting with the paint and feeling the "squishy feel" against their fingers, let them have fun, at this age its more about the "process" than actually making a "picture".

Directions: Have the children paint with yellow paint on paper. See paint recipe below to make some yellow paint. If you have toddlers that put the paint brush into their mouths you may want to have them finger paint instead. You should provide the toddlers with toddler safe brushes; the kind that is short and chubby works best for toddlers to paint with. Provide them with a small container of paint and a brush, if they are having a hard time then just put a glob of paint in the middle of their picture and show them how to take the brush and swish it through the paint or how to finger paint in the paint. Make sure you tape their paper down. As soon as they are done painting put the paint and the picture out of reach. Make sure children are wearing paint shirts and roll up their sleeves.

Please Note: You may need to tape their paper to the table, as young toddlers do not know how to hold their paper down when coloring, gluing, and painting, etc.

Taking Art Pictures Home: Make sure parents know that the art pictures that are being sent home are not toys; they are to be hung up as decorations or put away as memories not given to the children to play with as they could choke on the small pieces of material if not being supervised.

Play Time: Egg Carton Peg Board

You will need:
Toilet Paper Rolls
Egg Carton – one per child
Print out (small children file)

Please Note: Save the toilet paper rolls to use again next week during circle week.

Directions: You will need one egg carton per child and some toilet paper rolls, for each per child. Print out the small children file and cut out the children and place them onto the toilet paper rolls and then completely cover the toilet paper roll with clear packaging tape, the more tape the sturdier it will be. Turn the egg carton upside down so the egg cups are sticking up in the air, this is the bus, have the toddlers place the kids into the bus by placing the toilet paper rolls onto the egg cups.

Safety Note: When they tire of this activity put the egg carton and toilet paper rolls away.

Learning Activity: Yellow Blocks

You will need:
Large Box
Clear Contact Paper
Knife (Teacher Only – when children are not present)

You will a large box and you may want to weigh the boxes down by placing some books inside, so the box won't slide across the floor.

Optional – you may want to paint the box yellow and then put a strip of clear contact paper around the top part of box so the color of the box shows through.

Then teacher will cut a few holes into the top of each of the boxes for the children to be able to drop the blocks into the box and then teacher will cut a large hole in the bottom of the box for the children to remove the blocks.

Next, teacher will place some yellow mega blocks into a pile on the floor. Show the children the blocks and tell the children they are yellow, ask them if they can say the word "Yellow".

Teacher will show the children how to pick up the blocks and how to drop them into the holes in the box. Teacher will show them how to stick the blocks on the outside of the box onto the clear contact paper.

Talk to the children about what they are doing such as, Sammy you found a yellow block, look the box is the same color, it is yellow too, can you put the block in this hole? And then point to the hole. Then say something like, where did the block go? There it is, point into the bottom of the box, can you get the block? Good Job! Repeat with all the children.

Safety Note: Make sure the blocks are not too small that those pose a choking hazard, try to place them into a choking tube and make sure they are too large to fit inside it.

Nursery Rhymes: I'm A Little Teapot
Traditional Song

I'm a little teapot short and stout,

Here is my handle (place one hand on hip)

Here is my spout (hold opposite arm straight out)

When I see the teacups here me shout,

Tip me over and pour me out. (Lean over)

Please Note: Young toddlers enjoy being read to and thrive and learn from listening to stories, songs, poetry and nursery rhymes. So please read and sing a lot to the children in your care!

Click The Links – To View Younger Toddler Curriculum – One Day Samples  

Sample 1 Transportation     Sample 2 – Pets     Sample 3 – Fall     Sample 4 – Veggie     Sample 5 – Hawaii    

February Younger Toddler Curriculum

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  • Four Weeks Of Lesson Plans
  • Four Activity Calendars
  • Four Themed Posters
  • Printable Pages – to print out for February's Curriculum

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Young Toddler Activity Lesson Plans


4 Weeks Of
Lesson Plans



Printable Activity Pages


Activity Pages


Young Toddler Activity Calendar


Activity Calendars


Printable weekly Posters for each month purchased


Themed Posters

Print Out Today !!
February's Weekly Posters

Transportation Week
Shapes Week
Dental Health Week
Story Book Week

Posters Are Paper Size

Print out on card stock paper
Or print out on copy paper and place in sheet protectors

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February Younger Toddler Curriculum $15.00

Younger Toddler Curriculum Program

View Activities From Other Months – Each Month Sold Seperately

Egg Carton Peg Board

Egg Carton Peg Board

Egg Carton Peg Board. This activity will help to teach the toddlers one on one correspondence. Toddlers love playing with the clothespins (no springs) and sticking them into the holes in the egg carton. They are learning while having fun! This activity is from our March younger toddler curriculum.

Felt Color Book

Red Bird Book

Song & Poems We provide songs, poems and cute simple stories in our curriculum, shown above is the "Red Bird Book" which is from our November curriculum. Teacher will print out the story and follow instructions in the daily lesson plans for making the book. The book above will help to teach the children their colors through some cute pictures plus it also offers a felt flap (sensory) on some of the pages for them to lift up to view the pictures. This activity is from our color week theme.

Squirrel Coloring Page

Squirrel Coloring Page

Coloring Pages Print out the printable coloring pages for the toddlers in your group to color. Toddlers like simple pictures. We provide simple pictures for the toddlers to color or paint. We also include a paint recipe that is a safe aternative to "real paint" that the toddlers can paint with that won't hurt them if they "taste it". This coloring page is from our November curriculum.

Farmer Two Carrots Bunny 
shoo Shoo

Poem Print Outs

Bunny, Bunny Shoo Shoo Rhyme with the cute print outs. Teacher will print out the Farmer, Bunny and carrots and recite the cute poem to the toddlers while showing them the print outs that goes along with the poem. This poem is from our "Veggie Week theme" in our November curriculum.

Snowman Finger Puppet

Snowman Finger Puppet

Snowman Finger Puppet This is one of the activities included in our December Curriculum Also included is a fun finger puppet rhyme that toddlers will hear while using their "New Finger Puppets" Younger toddlers like to stick their fingers in and out of holes, and will have fun checking out the holes in the bottom of the snowman.

Planting Veggies

Planting Veggies Activity This activity is from our November curriculum it will help to teach the younger toddlers how to place the bottles in and out of the can, and it makes a simple puzzle for the older toddlers to put the "correct bottle into the correct can". This is such a fun activity for the toddlers, they will learn about veggies through some new songs, rhymes and stories along with doing some fun activities; as shown above. Our lesson plans have easy to follow directions, a lot of the items in our curriculum are easily accessible items such as toilet paper rolls, kleenex boxes, water bottles, egg carton, metal cans (no sharp edges). Some materials that may need to purchased can easily be found at Wal-Mart such as paper, felt, hot glue, packing tape, contact paper, etc.

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February Younger Toddler Curriculum $15.00

"Younger" Toddler Curriculum

Instant Download

Theme Based Curriculum With Step by Step – Lesson Plans

Younger Toddler Activities

"Younger" Toddler Curriculum
  • Our curriculum shown is for the younger toddlers for ages 12 to 18 months. We also have a regular toddler program for ages 18 months to 2.5 years. If you would like to view our toddler curriculum Click Here and we also have a preschool curriculum avaiable for ages 2.5 years to 6 years of age. If you would like to view our preschool curriculum Click Here

  • Our fun learning program is for toddlers ages 12 – 18 months. Our program will provide the toddlers in your care with a fun "hands on learning program" that you can use year after year. Our program provides heuristic play materials, a touch of Montessori along with preschool themes (made for toddlers!)

  • Weekly Lessons consist of:

  • Group Time Activities

  • Daily Art/Sensory Projects

  • Hands On Activities

  • Fun Learning Activities

  • Words To Songs and Rhymes

  • Plus

  • Step-By-Step Daily Lesson Plans

  • Four Activity Calendars – one for each week of curriculum activities

  • Four Curriculum Posters – one for each week of themed curriculum

    Kids love using our program, parents love seeing their children exploring and learning, and you will love how easy the curriculum is to use!

    Order today Start using the material right away! Order with a credit card and right after payment is made, you can start downloading the curriculum for the month that you purchase. Download within minutes after payment is made with a credit card.

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February Younger Toddler Curriculum $15.00

Younger Toddler Curriculum Program

Our new younger toddler curriculum for children ages 12 to 18 months. We have added a lot of "hands on" fun activities that involve some "Heuristic Play Materials" such as water bottles, metal cans, metal or plastic covers, egg cartons, hair rollers, shower curtain rings, napkin holders and other every day materials.

What is heuristic play? Heuristic comes from a Greek word eurisko "meaning to discover", heuristic play was developed about 30 years ago by Educational Psychologists, Elinor Goldschmeid. Heuristic play offers toddlers different types of textures and items for the toddlers to explore to help them develop their senses; touch, smell, hearing, sight and taste. Some of the items that they would include for the toddlers to play with would be plastic jars, plastic jar covers, wooden spoons, egg cartons, hair rollers, shower curtain rings, napkin holders and many other items.

What About Sharing? Toddlers don't always like to share and the types of items we try to use in our curriculum are mostly items that are very easy to "provide a lot of them" so there are plenty of items to go around and less stress to the toddlers "feeling they need to share". One theory behind heuristic play is that you "provide a lot of materials" and only leave the materials down for a short time while the children are being "observed" playing with the items and the teachers let them play with the materials; however they want, as long as they are not hurting themselves or anyone else. We decided to use some of these "types of items" in our curriculum and to turn them into "learning activities" this way they are playing with the items and learning with them too! In our toddler curriculum we have tried to incorporate some heuristic play items with a touch of Montessori ideas and some preschool themes (changed for toddlers) to make our "hands on learning curriculum."

What Are Sensory Activities We have tried to provide a lot of sensory activities which include touching different textures such as fake fur, velour, corduroy, felt, and other types of textures along with handling different types of items such as metal cans (no sharp edges), jar covers, hair rollers, and many other items along with some water play, sand play, plus some glue and paint activities, we have included glue and paint recipes which are basically just water and flour, that way if the children put the glue or paint, that you make, into their mouths, which they will, it’s a safer alternative than them putting "real glue and paint" in their mouths, with all the chemicals in it.

Learning Through Play As you probably know a lot of "Toddler Curriculums" are not really suitable for toddlers. Most of the actives are too hard for the toddlers to actually master. We know that not all toddlers can do what every other toddler can do, so we have tried to make our activities as "toddler friendly" as possible for toddlers 12 to 18 months. But you may find some of the learning activities can’t be mastered by all the toddlers, don't worry, they should still be able to "play with the materials and they are learning through play" toddlers actually learn a lot from playing, through play they can learn a lot of new skills that they will use now and in the future.By using our curriculum they will be exposed to a lot of new ideas, sensory items to touch and lots of songs and rhymes to help to stimulate and encourage the toddlers to explore their environment.

Hand On Learning Program Our toddler curriculum was designed to introduce toddlers to a variety of play materials where they can learn and grow and discover the world around them. We try to provide the toddlers in our care with a fun activity based "hands on learning program" where the younger toddlers will learn by using their "five senses" by seeing pictures, by handling the learning materials, hearing songs and stories and the older toddlers will actually start learning a few basic shapes and colors through the songs, rhymes and stories and hands on learning activities that also include simple crafts such as coloring with chunky crayons or side walk chalk, painting and using glue with our home made paint and glue recipes which is basically flour and water so if they "taste it" and they will, it won't hurt them.

Hands On Activities Our new younger toddler curriculum has a group time, art/sensory time, play time,learning time along withe some cute songs and rhymes to capture the toddlers attention plus help them to learn, they can learn a lot through our toddler program. These activities are not only to entertain the children but to help them learn through sensory play and lots of fun "hands on" activities.

Enjoy the activities with your group. We have worked very hard on getting the curriculum put together. We hope you enjoy the activities with your toddlers. We hope your toddler group has as much fun with these activities as our toddlers do.

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What is the cost? The cost is $15.00 per month as an instant download for the younger toddler curriculum For each month of curriculum that you purchase you will receive, four weeks of lesson plans for each month that you purchase, four activity calendars – one for each week of curriculum activities, four curriculum posters – one for each week of themed curriculum, PLUS all the printable pages which include the printable coloring pages, and pictures that goes along with some of the activities, songs and rhymes for each month that you purchase. See below to order.

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