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May Toddler Lesson Plans – Flower Week Theme – Free Sample

Toddler Curriculum Free Samples

May Lesson Plans – Week 1 – Flower Week Theme for toddlers ages 18 months – 2.5 years

Flower Week Theme

View May's Lesson Plan – Free Sample Below

One Day Sample

Toddler Lesson Plans
May Week 3
Letter I – Number 3
Shape – Circle, Color – Yellow
Flower Week

Day 4

Circle Time: Help Mr. Farmer Find The Flowers
You will need: Egg carton and sunflowers from Day 3

All the flowers have disappeared from the flower garden, can you help Mr. farmer find his flowers? Have the children look around the room and as they find the flowers bring them back and put them into the egg carton (flower garden).

Song/Rhyme: There Are Bugs On The Flowers

Tune to: "The Farmer in the dell"

There are bugs on the flowers, bugs on the flowers,
Hi ho the Derry oh, there are bugs on the flowers.

Shoo those bugs away, shoo those bugs away
Hi ho the Derry oh, shoo those bugs away!


Directions: Sing the song to the children, as you sing the words shoo those bugs away, move you hand like your shooing a bug away, encourage the children to move their hands with you, to pretend they are shooing the bugs away.

Art Time: Colorful Flower Craft

You will need: Large flower print out (black and white file), copy paper, crayons or markers and circle stickers.

Directions: Print out one large flower and use as a pattern in cutting out each child one large flower, have the children color the flower and then stick on circle stickers to make a large colorful flower, make sure to use the word ?circle? while they are putting the circle stickers onto their flowers.

 Flower Color Match Up Game

Learning Time: Flower Color Match Up

Print out two sets of each of the flower color match up games. There are 2-flower color match up games.One card will be the game board. The other set will be cut apart to be the game cards. Print these out onto heavy paper such as white card stock paper for best.results.

Have the children match the flower cards to the matching flowers on the game board.

Circle Flower Worksheet, match up circle stickers to the circles on the flower.

Letter/Number: Circle Flower Worksheet
You will need circle flower worksheet, circle stickers, and crayons.

Special Activity: Plant The Sunflowers

You will need: Sturdy plastic plant pots, or sturdy plastic containers, sunflowers from Day 3, sand table with Oatmeal or rice (for pretend sand)

Place the flowers into the sand table along with some sturdy plastic flower pots or sturdy plastic container such as a yogurt cups and show the children how to put some sand (oatmeal or rice) into their flower pot and then stick the flower in.

If you do not have a sand table you can provide each of the children with a dishpan with a small amount of oatmeal (for pretend sand) and have them play with the flowers in the dishpan or sand table.

Outside Sandbox? If you have an outside sandbox you may want to have the children take the flowers and the sturdy plastic flowerpots and spoons (pretend shovels) outside and do this activity outside today!

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Toddler Lesson Plans for May – Week 1 – Flowers Theme
Toddler Lesson Plans for May – Week 2 – Caterpillar to butterfly Theme
Toddler Lesson Plans for May – Week 3 – Bugs Theme
Toddler Lesson Plans for May – Week 4 – Mother's Day Theme
Week 1
Flowers Theme
Week 2
Caterpillar to Butterfly Theme
Week 3
Bug Week Theme
Week 4
Mother's Day Theme

Four Weeks Of Lesson Plans!!
May Toddler Curriculum

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Cute Bear Heart
For Mothers Day Theme
Heart Color
Match Up Game
Colorful Flower
Fun With pom–poms
Fun Toddler Activity

Printable Activity Pages

View Some of May's Toddler Curriculum – Printable Pages
Print out games, craft patterns, coloring pages, work sheets and activities

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May Toddler Curriculum

May's Weekly Calendar

Toddler Weekly Calendar
May Week 1
Letter I – Number 3
Shape – Circle, Color – Yellow
Flower Week

Daily Activities Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Circle Time Calendar, weather, songs

Shake The Seeds

Calendar, weather, songs

Pick The Weeds

Calendar, weather, songs

Catch The Bugs

Calendar, weather, songs

Help Mr. Farmer Find The Flowers

Calendar, weather, songs

pom–pom Match Up

Song/Rhyme Out Pops A Flower This Is The Way We Pick The Weeds There Are Bugs On The Flowers There Are Flowers In The Garden

This Little Bunny
Art Project

You will find the directions for all the activities in the lesson plans.

Seeds Weeds Bugs On The Flowers Paper Plate Flower Colorful Flower
Learning Time

Printable activity pages for all games, coloring pages, etc. can be downloaded after purchase.

Plant The Seeds Muffin Tin Circles Flower Match Up Puzzle Feed The Bunny Puzzle Ut Oh, Who Spilled The Garbage!
Letter/Number Time Letter I Letter I – Ice Cream
Coloring Page
Plant The Flowers Circle Flower Activity

Circle Drum

Special Activity

Flower Garden
Dramatic Play Area
Watering Cans Plant The Sunflowers Fun With Circles Making Circles In Paint

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Our toddler curriculum shown here, is sold by the month, or you can save money $$$ and purchase by the year! For each month of curriculum that you purchase you will receive four weeks of daily lesson plans. You will also receive four activity calendars – one for each week of curriculum activities, four curriculum posters – one for each week of themed curriculum, and printable pages which includes the printable games, craft patterns, coloring pages, work sheets and activities for each month of curriculum purchased.

Our toddler curriculum is sold by the month and broken down into four weekly themes. Our weekly themes provide daily lesson plans. Each weekly theme provides a step-by-step format for each of the five days for each week which includes circle time, art projects, daily activities and even a special activity for each day. Our theme based curriculum is made for toddlers ages 18 months to about 2.5 years old and can be used in a daycare, preschool, home school, or home setting. Each week of themes has daily activities, crafts, and games which is focused on child-centered activities that help the children to learn and explore through quiet and active play ideas.

To view A One Day Sample – Click Here

Below are some of the printable pages that you may receive depending on which month you purchase. Each month offers different types of printable activities, games, coloring pages and etc.

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Our toddler curriculum is sold by the month and broken down into four weekly themes. Our weekly themes provide daily lesson plans. Each weekly theme provides a step-by-step format for each of the five days for each week from circle time, to art time, to the daily learning time and even a special activity for the day. These themes are made for children eighteen months to about two and half years old in a daycare, preschool, home school, or home setting. Each week of themes has daily activities, crafts, and games, which are:

  • Child tested and approved

  • Hands on activities

  • Active learning

  • Child growth and development

  • developmentally appropriate materials

  • Opportunites for exploring and learning

  • Our program will save you time & money

  • Use our program year after year!

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  • Or purchase on a CD

Our Monthly Themes Include

  • Daily art projects

  • Daily learning time activities

  • Daily Circle time activities

  • Step-by-step Daily lesson plans for each month purchased

  • Helps children to learn their numbers, letters, shapes and colors

  • Weekly calendar – Four per month purchased – One for each weekly theme

  • Printable pages to download from our website for each month purchased

  • Daily routines promoting thinking, talking, exploration, discovery, and learning.

  • 25 to 41 pages of content PLUS! Printable games, posters and coloring pages to download from our website

  • Some plans present basic skills while others concentrate on a positive learning environment for the toddlers to explore and learn through fun daily activities, which in include simple art, songs, stories and games.

Our toddler curriculum has a circle time, art project, learning activities, coloring pages, songs and games included in each month of themes purchased. Our toddler curriculum is designed to promote fun and learning activities; oppourtunites for discovery and to foster creative play.


Our toddler program will help to teach the children to identify numbers 1 through 10 PLUS help them learn some of their alphabet letters, shapes and colors. They will be slowly introduced to recognizing basic shapes, a few letters and numbers, PLUS they will learn through weekly theamatic units involving lots of hands on activities, art projects, games, songs and stories. Your children will learn through our educational program which provides a fun and creative curriculum which is focused on a child-centered toddler program.


Our toddler program will help build a child's Self-Esteem by teaching self-care and self-respect. Our program includes songs, games, and activities that will help the child learn and feel good about themselves. After a few months the children will gain a strong understanding of themselves and their environment around them.


Our toddler program will help build a child's language skills. They will learn these skills through circle time, songs, stories, fun games and daily activities which will require their interaction with their friends, learning to take turns, sharing, laughter, participation and above all having a good time. Children learn best when they are happy and interested in what is being taught, teaching children with fun and creative activities will help stimulate their brains and help them to learn quicker when they get into school. These skills that they will be learning will help them when they begin learning to read and write.


I have been using this curriculum for the past five years. It is truly fabulous! My children are learning so much and are having so much fun. It is so great to have stories and rhymes incorporated with each day's lesson. I love the weekly Thematic units and so do my Parents. The Theme poster's are great to put on your Parent Bulletin Board.

You do have to print out the pintables but the price is so reasonable that it is worth it. Other programs that I have looked into that send you everything already printed out are very expensive. It is worth taking a few minutes to print out what you need for your daily lesson, plus you can use these lessons over and over again, year to year.

I have just started using the infant curriculum and I love it and so do my infants and parents. I cannot imagine running my program without this wonderful curriculum. I hope you guys are around for a long time to come.

Susan – Dallas, Texas

I have been purchasing your curriculum for a few months now and the kids love the program. I just wanted to say "Thanks for sharing your work with us"


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Our toddler program will save you time and money. You can use the program year after year. Just print out the material as often as needed. Our program provides lots of hands on learning!

Apple Letter Match Up Game

Apple Letter Game

View the apple game above. This activity will help to teach the toddlers letters A, B, C and D. Toddlers love matching the game pieces to the board, just attach a small piece of velcro to make the cards stick to the game and then watch the fun begin. Younger toddlers will just have attaching the game cards and pulling them off the velcro, while older toddlers will actually learn to match up the cards to the correct locations on the game board.

Bug Book

Bug Book

Above you can view the "Bug Book". Teacher will print out the bug pictures and follow instructions in our daily lesson plans for putting together the bug book. This book is made in June during "Bug Week", the book helps to teach the children the new words they will be learning; lady bug, dragon fly and other new words.

Teddy Bear Coloring Page

Teddy Coloring Page

Above you can view the teddy bear coloring page. Their are coloring pages included in each month of our monthly curriculum packages, each month is sold seperatly. This coloring page is from our May curriculum, which is broken down into four weekly themes and this one is for teddy bear week.

Car Color Match Up Game

Car Color Game

Shown above is our car color match up game. Teacher will print out the game and toddlers will match the car cards to the game board by color. This game will be used in February during " Transportation Week ", the game will provide a fun way for the toddlers to learn their colors and the word "car", even toddlers who are not talking yet, can match up the cards and learn learn new words by listening.

Snowman Finger Puppet

Snowman Finger Puppet

Shown above is the snowman finger puppet. This is one of the activities included in the December Curriculum. Also included is a fun finger rhyme that toddlers will learn while using their "New Finger Puppets".

Our lesson plans have easy to follow directions, readily available and inexpensive materials.

Happy Thanksgiving Day Sign

Holiday Sign

There are also holiday signs to print out in certain months of curriculum, there is one for Thanksgiving – shown above, plus one for Christmas and the fourth of July, that you can print out and post on your door to remind parents that you will be closed for the holiday. PLUS there are signs for daycare parties; Valentine’s day, Bunny, Chick & Lamb, fourth of July, Halloween and Christmas.

To view A One Day Sample – Click Here

Toddler Curriculum

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Theme Based Curriculum With Step by Step – Lesson Plans

Preschool & Toddler Lessons

Toddler or Preschool Program
  • Our curriculum shown is for toddlers. I also have a preschool curriculum avaiable. If you would like to view our preschool curriculum Click Here

  • Our theme based curriculum consist of four weeks of themed lesson plans per month to download or purchase on a CD. You will receive 25 – 40 pages of content per month for lessons PLUS 20 to 40 printable activity pages which consist of Printable games, craft patterns, coloring pages and activities for each month purchased. You will also be able to download four activity calendars per month and four weekly themes posters per month, which will print out regular paper size.

  • Weekly Lessons consist of:

  • Circle time activities

  • Daily art projects

  • Hands on activities

  • Fun learning activities

  • Words to songs and/ or finger plays

  • Plus

  • Step-by-step daily lesson plans

  • Printable games and activities

  • Printable craft patterns, coloring pages and work sheets

  • Four activity calendars – one for each week of curriculum activities

  • Four curriculum posters – one for each week of themed curriculum

    Supplies are basics such as paper plates, cotton balls, paper bags, yarn, feathers, markers or crayons, construction paper, paint, craft sticks, stickers, etc.

    Our curriculum can be purchased by the month for $15.00 as an instant download. Or you can save money and purchase the curriculum by the year. Our curriculum program is available year-round. You can purchase any month at any time, and instantly download to your computer. Or you can purchase the material on a CD.  If purchased on a CD, the cost is $25.00 for each month that you purchase and this price does include shipping and handling charges

    Kids love using our program, parents love seeing their children exploring and learning, and you will love how easy the curriculum is to use!

    Order today, start using the materials right away! Order with a credit card and right after payment is made, you can start downloading the curriculum for the month that you purchased. Download within minutes after payment is made with a credit card.

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