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Ten Big Dinosaurs

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10 Big Dinosaurs Video

This video is brought to you by Staci, she works here at adaycare.com and she wrote the book 10 Big Dinosaurs that she is reading on the video. This video is about 10 Big Dinosaurs and it was written to help teach young children their colors and also has one page where the children will count eight dinosaurs and another page where they will count all ten dinosaurs!

This cute rhyming story is a fun way to capture your child's attention and to help to teach him/her their basic colors .

Why rhymes? Rhymes help a young child's phonics awareness. Research shows that young chidren benefit from hearing rhymes.

The child/ren in your home, daycare or preschool will love seeing all the dinosaurs in the book in the video. Young children love rhymes and our dinosaur book offers fun rhymes throughout the book. Our dinosaur book is not only fun and entertaining but it's also educational.

Children will have fun learning their colors, or if your child knows some of his colors this book will be a great review on basic colors (white, yellow, blue, green, purple, red, black and brown). This story also has a bit of counting, the children will count eight dinosaurs on one page and then later in the book they will count all 10 dinosaurs!

Ten Big Dinosaurs eBook – (PDF File) Instant access – Receive Password Automatically Right After Purchase. eBook was written for young children ages 2 to 6 who are learning their colors and learning how to count to 10.

If you have a home daycare, daycare center, or you are a stay at home mom teaching your child this will be a great addition to your book area for the young children in your care learning their colors and counting to 10.

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Our New Book – 10 Big Dinosaurs (PDF File) – 4.99 Is on Sale Right Now – For Only 2.99 !! Print out right after purchase (20 pages). PDF File Instant Access.

This video was made to go along with our toddler and preschool August curriculum week 4 with our dinosaur lesson plans. We hope you enjoy our video.

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10 Big Dinosaurs Story

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